Why Choose Us

Santa Fe Dental Group in Vista, CA

Santa Fe Dental Group is a family dental practice located in the city of
Vista, California since 2006. With over 20 years of experience,
Doctors Vinh and Quang Le, offer general and cosmetic dentistry, braces, oral
surgery and dental implants. Santa Fe Dental Group, focuses on you and
your loved ones overall dental health.

During your first visit at Santa Fe Dental Group, one of our assistants
will take your necessary diagnostic x-rays and shortly after Doctor Le will
perform a full comprehensive evaluation.

We know that fear and anxiety can play a big role when it comes to our health,
that is why our staff are highly trained to help walk you through your dental
experience and make sure your comfortable and at ease at all times
Throughout your evaluation at Santa Fe Dental Group, the doctor and
his assistant will take a series of intraoral photos that will aid in creating a
treatment plan that best suits your dental health needs.

At Santa Fe Dental Group our doctors focus on patient education and
will take the time to go over any recommended treatment to help you better
understand why treatment is being recommended.

Once your treatment is completed our receptionist will place you on a routine
hygiene schedule that will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy for life.
Our goal at Santa Fe Dental Group is to not only address your dental
concerns but also to make you feel as comfortable and at ease as possible
throughout your dental visits.

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